The Getup: Neck n’ Neck

It’s reached that point in the winter when outfit inspiration pops up almost as frequently as the sun, which, in Ithaca, NY, is quite the rarity. However, today I found myself trading in my usual uniform of high-waisted skinny jeans, an oversized t-shirt, and my trustiest pair of boots and, instead, rummaging through the bottom drawer of my bureau only to uncover one of my most comforting pieces: a turtleneck sweater. While there’s nothing particularly miraculous about this piece, just your classic oatmeal, chunky knit sweater, it has this tendency to make me feel more like an establish, successful mother of two rather than a frazzled college student who doesn’t know what she’s having for dinner.

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Far from frumpy or dull, turtleneck sweaters are one of the most underrated pieces and while they’ve gained visibility in past years, they still deserve so much more credit for their innate elegance and versatility. With knits of all kinds and styles for every body type, turtleneck sweaters most definitely qualify for closet stapleship.

Layered Lust: 

Not one, but TWO TURTLENECKS. Ug, its blissful. I’ve always felt rather uncomfortable wearing any type of sweater over just a bra and that aversion has led to an insistence on layering thinner or more delicate pieces under chunky, heavily present knits. This adds great dimension to an outfit by creating multiple starts and ends rather than having solely rigid lines and even cuts. Layers exude effortlessness and with so many more angles to come in at, the outfits are guaranteed to be unique. It will be difficult not to project the, “You’ll probably hate me for how little I tried on this,” vibe with this getup.

Dress Up:

Dresses are one of life’s simple pleasures however, in the winter, dresses often turn into a recipe for goosebumps and whining. While you can always throw on a cardigan or denim jacket, the effect often covers up the dress rather than extenuating its details. So let’s play a little topsy turvy and make the turtleneck the base of the outfit and the dress more of a cherry on top. This is also a great way to transition more loose-fitting summer dresses into your fall and winter wardrobe.

Cropped Out: 

Even winter deserves to see a little skin. Although crop tops seem to fade from our closets the second the snow hits, cropped turtlenecks add the perfect amount of play to an outfit without sacrificing your body temperature. Paired with A-line skirts or high-waisted pants, the cropped turtleneck is a great way to add some personality to an otherwise plain outfit.

Better than your Average Beach Cover-Up: 

Whether it’s the symptoms of your monthly besty or just wanting to curl up and free yourself from the restrictions of your favorite, but nonetheless tight, jeans, the Swess (Sweater Dress) is made just a touch more sophisticated with the aid of a high neck and sleek shape. Aesthetically pleasing paired with faux leather leggings or a body con skirt, the turtleneck helps to ground an outfit and add softness to bold or structured bottoms.

“Look Ma, No Sleeves”: 

For those of you who aren’t currently huddled under a blanket, wearing four layers of wool socks, and using dating apps to help fill the cold spot in your bed at night, you might be looking for a sweater with a bit less surface area. While a tad difficult to find (let’s be honest, heavy fabric and no sleeves teeters towards impractical), checking out the thrift store or even taking a pair of scissors to an old sweater might suffice. This top makes a great addition to a faded pair of daisy dukes or a light-weight skirt.


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