The Getup: Go Long

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetFull disclosure: I know nothing about the Superbowl. Only last night, as my roommate and I were leaving the gym and remarking at how empty the machines were, did I finally ask the sports pro herself, Siri, which teams were playing. And before you call me unpatriotic (TBH Trump royally screwed that term for me regardless) I swear its hereditary. I called home to say hi to the folks and my dad was in the middle of watching a hockey game. I guess when you grow up so close to Canada your priorities just naturally re-align to the curling, bobsledding, and anything else involving ice and parkas.

While I may know very little about last night’s play by plays and will likely only find out who won via eavesdropping on conversations in class tomorrow, I did find a way to very loosely (like borderline falsehood) tie together my passion with America’s runner-up pastime.

Go long.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetI remember the day my childhood pediatrician, who I never saw again after this particular appointment, told me I had stopped growing. My reaction inside was something along the lines of, “SORRY, DID I HEAR YOU RIGHT?!”. My dad is 6’2 and I had dreams of being his wispy offspring. However, my dear mother is an ever-shrinking 5’4 and, guess what, I got somewhere in the middle. Currently 5’5 (and a half), I’m 75% leg with a torso that usually stays in hiding. Knowing this breakdown, I have always loved tailored pants and jeans that outlined my elongated bottom half and ignored the shortfall (dad joke) of my midriff.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetI bought these pants on one of my many trips to TJMaxx. I was initially drawn to the pant’s print; a reformed tribal print that didn’t make me look like a picture out of an Areopostale catalog. When I tried them on, I fell further in love with the sheer and body-mimicking nature of the fabric. The pants are a piece quite unique to my wardrobe of monotones and I always appreciate the natural zing they kindly bestow upon an outfit. I won’t lie and say they were particularly warm to wear while shooting in the 30-degree weather but, they do shine in every other season. Paired with a towering heeled bootie, the pant’s shape combines with the height of the shoes to give you every opportunity to overcome your napoleon complex and, dare I say, rise to any occasion.


Photographs by Andi of Fashion Caked.


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