The Getup: Cold Shoulder

Although I’ll be the first to whip out my daisy dukes and let the vitamin D sink into my pale giraffe legs, my upper half has always been a more reserved space. Since the start of puberty, my relationship with chest has been an interesting one. Other than a semi-forced hand-me-down, I’ve never once owned a push-up bra and honestly, if I woke up to a flat chest and no sign of the dynamic duo, I’d have no qualms.


Its not that I am critical of those who do decide to show off cleavage or feel really beautiful embracing that aspect of their womanhood. Rather, I’ve just always felt that type of exposure forced me into a type of femininity that never quite suited me or my personal style. For me, the whole 90’s bodycon and boobage trend just never got me like the free-flowing spirits, and chests, of the 70s. Breaking out of the linear skirts and tailored tops of the 60’s, the 70’s acted as an awakening in women’s fashion, shaking up stereotypical feminine beauty standards and re-envisioning the way women presented themselves. Outside the confines of rigid clothing, a new form of sexiness and beauty evolved, bringing with it a more equal opportunity to all parts of the body. Whether it was legs clad in flare pants or a bit of midriff popping out between the bottom of a crisp peasant blouse and the top of a pair of suede shorts, all skin was good skin. But my favorite of these displays was the décolletage.


So often overlooked, attention given instead to its fleshy lower portion, the décolletage is far from an inert zone. It never occurred to me to actively seek out a top such as this but the crimped fabric and billowing sleeves immediately drew me in, enough to warrant a run to the changing room. The instant the top was properly situated on my shoulders, my posture immediately sharpened and I could feel my spine lengthened (weekly yoga has clearly paid off). My shoulders and collar bone poked out while the shirt’s fabric flowed back and forth as a swayed from side to side, resembling a small child trying on something of their mothers. It was not an overt sexiness that appeared in the mirror in front of me but instead something that lay just below the surface, exuding a, “Wouldn’t you like to know’ air about me. Its one of those transformative pieces that takes you from your average state to a place slightly outside of your comfort zone, bringing about a new and dynamic persona. Both sophisticated and completely first date worthy, this little gem floated into my life just in time for Valentines Day. And the best part? No push-up needed.



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